James Griffin
Gryphon Visual Arts
Freelance Photographer & Fine Artist

Gryphon Visual Arts

Freelance Photographer & Fine Artist


About Me

I am a self taught and still learning artist. My true love is brush art-oils and watercolor. Until I can take them up full time again, I will continue my addiction to photographic images. I believe...

...that beauty is where you find it.

...that if you're looking for beauty, you will find it everywhere you go...the mall, the supermarket, etc.

...that if you make your talent available to others, beauty will find you.

...that making photographic art with another is a collaborative, creative, artistic event where the model is an equal.

I believe in having fun!

Terminal Hotness

I am a contributing photographer and I fully support a grassroots move called Terminal Hotness. Check this link, pass the word. terminalhotness.com/ For Che and Melissa, whose spirit, strength, and beauty have inspired me and all those around them.
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